Sure - your brother-in-law just sent you a note that says that Christians are being murdered in Albania, and that if you love Jesus you will forward this e-mail to all your friends. Don't let someone bully you into feeling like less of a Christian if you don't spam all your friends with junk. Remember - just because MOST of your friends do it, it does not make it right. Just because you heard it on the internet, it also does not make it right.

Below are some great "hoax" sites. They will help you determine if what you want to tell everyone is a hoax or not.

Truth or Fiction - A great place to check the truth behind rumors, inspirational stories and prayer requests they get in their email.

F-Secure Viruses - The industry standard source for up-to-date information on new viruses and hoax alerts

Hoaxes - Virus killer Symantec has a great site on hoaxes as well as virus information.

McAfee AVERT Virus Information Library has detailed information on where viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to remove them. In addition to genuine viruses, the Virus Information Library contains useful information on virus hoaxes, those dire email warnings about disk-eating attachments that sometimes land in your inbox. 

Hoaxbusters - A public service of the CIAC Team and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Snopes.com - Yet another great myth exposing site.